Kubby Buddy

We're you're container management pal. View live streaming data and start, stop, and delete your containers with a simple click of your mouse.

Our Features

We're not your grandma's container data visualizer. Kubby Buddy's your real, deal, container management pal. Start, stop, delete, and more directly from the dashboard.

Container Controls

  • view container logs
  • live streaming mini-dashboard
  • view all running & stopped containers
  • start containers
  • stop containers
  • delete containers

Image Controls

  • view all images
  • run containers based on images
  • run with volumes and ports
  • run with auto-remove flag
  • delete unused images
  • view and delete volumes

Container Dashboard Demo

Let's see it in action. Check out what makes our container management so painless.


Container Dashboard

Image Dashboard Demo

Manage all of your images at a glance. View all images, delete them, and run containers based on them.


Image Dashboard

Meet The Team

Josh Goo

Trey Walker

Chang Moon

Steve Lemlek

William Reilly